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Morocco Barigou is a company that is located in Marrakech. Its objectives are: planning trips around Morocco, trips and holidays inside Morocco. Morocco Barigou Company shows to visitors the culture and all information related to this beautiful country.
Morocco is a beautiful country that has amazing places for fun and relaxing. It’s the best place where you can spend your holiday in. Doing trips and discovering different places as beaches, Sahara, mountains. With Morocco Barigou you can take 24-hours for a trip in the Atlas Mountains and climbing and having fun. You can also ride camel in the gold sand dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. Morocco is known by its traditional Riads especially in Marrakech and Fez where you can spend two warm and imaginary nights. Surfing is one of the activities of this company, The beneficiaries of the company's services will have swimming lessons in one of the magnificent marine cities in Morocco, which is characterized by suitable waves for this type of sport as Essaouira city. Also discovering some famous Oases and Kasbahs of the South or relaxing in the beach.

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