Budget day trip to Ourika Valley

Duration: Daily
Cities: Ourika Valley
starting at €27 per person


Ourika is a Mountainous area that is near to the south east of Marrakech (64km).  People from inside and outside Morocco spend a long period in Ouarika valley because of the wonderful nature and its lovely weather.

You’ll discover a natural space called “Tnin Ourika” by planes. There is a layover to discover the weekly Souk (market) in this village.

After “Tnin Ourika” you’ll visit another place which is “Siti Fadma” where you’re going to have another layover to take a mint tea in a Tamazight house.

Upon the arrival you can ask for a guide to get on and enjoy looking to the valley ( local guides are available).

After that you’ll come back to the village and have your lunch in a café while you’re enjoying looking at the nature.

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