The National Park of Massa

Duration: 1 Day
Cities: Souss Massa
starting at €50 per person


The beginning of the trip to Souss Massa will be by 4WD cars after breakfast.

Sousa Massa consists of two counties and four counties with an area of ​​59,071 km², equivalent to 8.3% of the Kingdom’s total area. It is bordered to the north by MarrakechAsfi, Tafilalet, the Algerian-Moroccan border to the east, the south by the province of Guelmim and the Noun, and the west by the Atlantic Ocean. According to the census of 2014, the population of the region was estimated to be about 2 million and 676,000 people, equivalent to about 7.9% of the total Moroccan population. The rural character is still dominated by the fact that the urbanization rate, despite its continuous increase, did not exceed 38% during the same year, while this percentage reached 60% at the national level. The capital city of Agadir is the capital of Souss. The tourism sector is a major pillar in the economy of the Souss Massa region, and it is an important source of hard currency and an engine for activating several sectors and contributing to employment opportunities. The climate of the region and the integration of its topography and the diversity of its cultural, cultural and artistic heritage are the direct factors that made it an important tourist attraction in Morocco.

Lunch will be at Ksar Massa (Massa palace) restaurant. We will visit Sidi Rbat palace, it is an imaginary building which is characterized by a strong construction. Souss Massa has very beautiful kinds of birds as Flamingo, blue Tit, Crane, Marbled Teal…

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